8 Subtle Signs Your Dog Is Constipated

signs your dog is constipated
Photo by Javier Brosch from Shutterstock

If you think that your dog is constipated because he doesn’t poop as much as he usually does, then you are probably right.

If they do poop, the stool is either too small, too hard, or too dry, and it might be quite painful as your dog struggles to pass it. The majority of dogs defecate at least twice a day, and the usual “healthy” stool still holds its form.

You might be surprised to find out that constipation is quite uncommon in dogs, but it’s also very easy to treat. It can either be mild or severe.

When it comes to severe constipation, we might be talking about a condition called constipation, where defecation is simply impossible.

Prolonged and repeated constipation could ultimately lead to megacolon. In this particular situation, the muscles of the colon wall are permanently stretched and no longer function as they’re supposed to.

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