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Meet Abyss and Iriss: Two Twin Cats Who Both Have Heterochromia

Often times in life things come better in pairs. Abyss and Iriss are the living proof! These two are the names of white twin cats who are so similar that they have the same heterochromia. These two female cats living in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, are mixed breed kitties and they are absolutely “one in a million,” according to their beloved cat dad.

When their dad began posting their pictures online just a few years earlier, the 4 years old cat siblings have amassed a significant online following. So it’s obvious to see how stunning these two cats are! Abyss and Iriss started attracting the interest of pet enthusiasts all around the world soon after they entered their dad’s life at the age of three months.

Cat lovers also wonder what breed these sisters are, so Iriss and Abyss’ pet dad posted the following information on their Instagram account in May 2016:

“Breeds like Turkish Vans, Angoras, and many others are often confused with us. However, we might disappoint you. There’s a name for it: “crossbred” or “metis.” This has to be the wonder of Mother Nature that we were born blond with heterochromia. Our mom is white, and dad is white and black.

Both these purebred cats are the product of generic distribution. However, the truth that we are not a unique breed and still have all of these incredible characteristics is absolutely amazing! It is like one in millions! And we consider ourselves very lucky that we got the opportunity!”

On Instagram, these ironic cuties have around 203k followers and still counting, and a lot of people adore these kitties for their natural looks and the reason they still have been best friends. One fact really is: these kittens from Moscow have a human father who loves them like the little dolls that they are.

Check out the amazing pictures of these cute cats!

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