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Meet Shark, Dyson and Kirby: The Most Adorable Barn Cat Trio Ever

Yesterday, when I was randomly browsing through Facebook to search for adorable cats, I came across three of the most adorable tuxedo cats I’ve ever seen. The best thing was that their names are just as amazing as they are. Shark, Dyson, and Kirby were conceived in June of 2019 and were rescued by a big-hearted person who just couldn’t resist providing all three cats with a loving home and a caring family.

These cats have been selected as barn cats, but they seem to be on their way to being social media sensations as well. The moment I saw them I knew I fell in love with them!

Everyone, meet Shark, Dyson, and Kirby!

These kitties can do more than take a power nap when they are not chasing varmints. They’re loved and appreciated, and they have complete freedom over their home in Wisconsin. I asked the owner of these three vacuum cats if she would mind sharing their stories and pictures, and she gladly accepted. But keep on reading and find out what there is to know about this group of barn cats with Cute Animal Planet.

1. Tell me about your tuxedo cats and how they got into your family.

I was looking for barn cats that had been trained by their mother to think and behave as hunters and pest control in the barn. I wanted the cats to be between 10 and 12 weeks old so that I could get successful mouse hunters. And I was looking for two! My friend came with three kittens telling me I could choose any two I liked. But I couldn’t really leave one behind, therefore I grabbed all three!

2. Can you tell me how you came up with these names?

Their names came to my mind when they had to “clean up” as barn hunters, so they were named after vacuum cleaners. Shark, Dyson, and Kirby.

3. How do these cats communicate with one another?

They get along so well with each other and love to curl up in their cat tree with together. It’s just like a cloud of kittens clustered on top of one another.

4. Do they have any favorite hobbies?

They all have different interests, but they all enjoy hunting and bringing me their trophies. They really like running and walking at high speeds throughout our home, making loud noises at times but still being so sweet.

5. Do they live with any other pets?

Yes they sure do. They live with our four puppies, with whom they sometimes sleep with, and our completely indoor cat called Pirate.

6. What is something interesting about them that you would like people to understand?

As domestic house cats, Dyson, Kirby, and Shark are ideal barn hunters. They are great at receiving vaccines and spaying at the veterinarian’s clinic. They aren’t annoyed by car trips. These cats are by far the most laid-back and affectionate cats we’ve ever seen. These cats are always together in the barn and keeping the mice in order and then come home with impeccable manners. The most mischievous thing they are doing in the home is sometimes hopping on the kitchen table, or Dyson—the naughtiest with the biggest climbs on our window blinds. But apart from that, they’re great little kittens.

Check out this adorable cat trio below!


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