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Dog Finds A Bird Frozen In The Snow And The Owner Tries To Save It’s Life

A dog was out and about playing in the snow when it came upon a frozen bird in the snow. The owner was so worried that the dog might hurt the bird so she ordered the dog to come inside. She went out to the bird and found that the bird’s wings were frozen to its body and it couldn’t fly!

She put the bird inside a bucket and put a towel over it. She took it inside and put a hair dryer over the bird’s frozen feathers. The woman was unsure if the bird would survive, but she kept on trying to save the poor bird’s life!

Watch the video to see the full story of this bird and how it made it through the snow thanks to the dog that found it.

Thankfully, the dog was able to alert its owner to the bird’s needs and that the owner was willing to save the bird!


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