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Law Proposed Where People Will Be Fined For Leaving Their Cats Outside In Terrible Weather

Although there are many forms of animal cruelty, one of the worst, according to the National Humane Society, is keeping pets outdoors in bad weather. It’s very much real that the pet society is evolving for the good as people now are more willing to treat their pets as a family than they used to be a decade ago. However, keeping your pets outside is a great source of stress in today’s world.

Many states, for instance, have laws prohibiting the practice of leaving dogs outdoors in adverse conditions or without proper protection on a daily basis. These rules are made to protect pets, but sadly, cats are often excluded from them. In Florida, a proposed law aims to fix it.

Representative Emily Slosberg of Florida is now spearheading a bill that will make it illegal to leave dogs AND cats outdoors in harsh weather. As written, those who refuse to shelter dogs and cats during weather hazards that are considered hazardous to their health will soon face increasing penalties.

The conditions include thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, extreme hot or cold, lightning, or tropical storms.

A written warning for the first offenders, then a $250 fine for the second offenders, and finally a $500 fine for any future offenders are among the increasing penalties.

Though animal welfare regulations are not entirely recent, Slosberg’s inclusion of cats in the legislation could shift the way many people look about and treat their furry companions.

For years, the National Humane Society has pushed states and city councils to adopt and enforce laws protecting dogs that live outdoors. For kittens, on the other hand, it still has to gain traction. Difficulties arise as a result of the cat’s normal behavior.

Outside kept dogs are either tied or otherwise restrained. It makes it possible to track down the people and take protective measures for the animals. Outside cats, on the other hand, are typically allowed to roam freely. Because of their rural lifestyle, it can be difficult to ensure their safety and strictly implement the laws.

Representative Slosberg’s bottom line, on the other hand, is that cats and dogs should be treated equally. Both are domestic animals, so both deserve to be well-protected by their human guardians. Providing indoor shelter for cats during a weather crisis is one of a pet owner’s fundamental duties.

Supporters of this law have pointed out that climate disasters have left lots of domestic animals in difficult situations. For instance, Hurricane Irma in 2017 resulted in hundreds of animal rescues, including both dogs and cats. Although some of the endangered species were certainly rescued from homes devastated by the hurricane, all of the rescues would’ve been prevented if the pets had been taken indoors before the disaster began.

Representative Slosberg’s bill will be debated in the upcoming legislative session, which began on March 2. It has the power to protect numerous species if passed.

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