These 7 Cat Breeds Can Be Louder Than Your Dog

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Have you ever wondered if cats can be louder than dogs?

Because the truth of the matter is, they actually are! Not all of them, of course, as some are known to not be truly very vocal, and depending on their personality, your kitty may actually very rarely say anything, but there are certain breeds that are known to be very vocal. There are some cat breeds that are known to be very active, and some that are known to be very vocal.

And this is not only meowing and purring, which is something all cats do. This is how they communicate with us after all. But rather that these certain breeds take vocalization to a whole new level and they make sure to chatter your ear away!

Be it that you are looking into getting one of these little balls of joy as a new member of your family or you are just curious, we brought you all the most chatty cat breeds our world knows!

Who knows, you may even have one of these little chatterboxes on your hands too!