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Dog Without Eyes & His Support Cat Found a New Home Together

Their friendship shows that even a little four-legged friendship can go a long way.

Don’t be fooled by the old adage about cats and dogs fighting – this newly adopted pair stands by each other and has a bond that cannot be broken. An unlikely pair, Spike and Max inspire us all to cherish the ones we love and stick close to those we can rely on.

Max (also 8) is Spike’s longtime friend and companion, and he has been Spike’s companion for 8 years. In Alberta, Canada, an animal shelter is taking in the dedicated pair of dogs whose former family surrendered them on Jan. 25.

The pair likely formed a special friendship while huddling together in the cold for warmth, McClughan told CBC News. Sadly, Spike had to have his eyes removed because of painful cataracts.

Max tends to support Spike instead of leading him everywhere, McClughan said.

She says Max provides him with a sense of comfort and support. He can smell and feel him, which eases his stress and anxiety.”

Max and Spike were featured on the shelter’s Facebook page on Feb. 9 to find them a forever home. According to the shelter, Spike is a “happy-go-lucky boy” who loves life to the fullest. He is most comfortable when he has a lap nearby so that he can rest his head.

The post says, “Max is his yin and yang.” He has been Spike’s constant throughout his life, which makes it imperative that they be adopted together. Max is such a character and is sure to keep you laughing!”


They found a new home within 11 days after the sweet post went viral.

Spike and Max were adopted together by Saving Grace Animal Society and were on their way to Manitoba.

Their new mama is on her way home, the post notes. Our best wishes are with this adorable family.”

It’s great to hear that these adorable companions have found a new home together.


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