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Frontline Hospital Worker For Coronavirus Decides To Foster Puppy For Stress Relief

The coronavirus has been a stressful situation for many, but especially health care workers. One of the frontline staffers decided that they wanted to give back to the community and find some stress relief through fostering a puppy. Quickly, this woman realized that having a puppy around can be a lot of work.

She brought home toilet paper one day and the puppy found it. The puppy tore it up and made a mess all over the floor. But the woman was patient with the new puppy and tried to use it as a learning moment. She’s also faced some trials with training the dog to only go to the bathroom outside.

Watch the video to learn more about how this puppy is helping this health care worker relieve stress, despite having lots to learn.

No matter how mischievous that puppy is, he sure is cute!


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