Pit Bull Happily Adopts Orphaned Baby Squirrel To Be The Animal’s Mom

When babies are separated from their moms too early, they often look for another parent figure in their life. Wild animals that get left by their moms need nurturing and help to survive. Their survival instincts tell them to find a foster mom to help them through those early days of life when they need some added help.

A woman was out walking her pit bull when they came upon a baby squirrel. The squirrel approached the dog, seeming to ask for help. The dog bent down and nuzzled the baby squirrel. And the rest is history. Now this pittie is the mommy for this baby squirrel that was orphaned too young to survive alone.

Watch the video to see the touching and sweet footage of their first meeting.

It’s certainly not a common relationship, but it’s a beautiful one nonetheless.


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