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Wife Snaps A Photo Of Puppy She Found And Sends It To Husband

A woman found a coyote puppy in the backyard and took a photo of it all curled up to send to her husband. She told her husband that the pup was their new dog that she had adopted. She said the dog was scared and that it needed a new home. The husband started freaking out about the puppy because he knew it was a wild animal that was not fit to be in the home.

What he didn’t know was that the woman was having some fun with her husband about this topic. You see, she knew all along that this puppy was a coyote and not someone that you bring home. But she did have lots of fun with the situation, just the same.

Watch the video to see more of the text exchange.


That poor man was probably having a heart attack seeing a coyote next to his young son.


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