Young Puppy Crouching In Corner Of Large Cage Finds Companionship Once Adopted

When Tito was little, he was in a giant cage with other puppies. The little guy couldn’t even open his eyes yet. And when one woman heard of this, she knew she had to help this dog out because she couldn’t bear the thought that his first views would be the inside of a cage.

So she took the little pup home. There, Tito met Sola, the woman’s other dog. The two became fast friends and Tito really looked up to Sola. Sola acted like a mother to little Tito. She licked Tito regularly. Tragically, the dog became sick a few days later and he only had a 5% chance of surviving the illness.

Watch the video to see how Sola wouldn’t leave the puppy’s side to help him get better.

Through loving care, Tito was able to defy the odds.


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