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Dog That Suffers From Anxiety Finds Peace In Wearing Shirts To Feel Safe

Goose is a rescue dog whose owner kind of found him by mistake. The now dog owner was out on Craigslist shopping for animal supplies when she saw the poor animal. She knew immediately she needed to bring Goose home. But once she did, it was apparent the dog would take some time to adjust to its new life at home.

She enjoyed dressing the dog up and noticed that this activity seemed to bring the pooch some peace. So she would constantly put the dog in a shirt to help him stay calm from his anxiety from his past life. Now this dog loves to dance and enjoy life, thanks to some loving care from his owner.

Watch the video to see Goose now and what a well-adjusted dog he is.

It’s such a good thing that owner discovered how much peace the dog got from wearing shirts.


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