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Chihuahua Shakes And Is Terrified After Being Rescued, But Slowly Learns To Trust

When rescuers found this chihuahua, she was so scared that she constantly shook. The first night in her new foster home, the dog refused to sleep in her crate. The foster mom had to disassemble the crate to help the dog get more comfortable with it.

The foster mom had to give the dog tons of space to adjust. When they would take the dog outside, she was confused and unsure as to why they were out there. But thankfully, the foster mom had another dog who helped the chihuahua adjust to her new home. The family dog would sit next to the chihuahua’s crate to help her adjust and get used to the idea.

Watch the video to learn more about this chihuahua and what makes her start wagging her tail.


Thankfully, this sweet pooch came around.


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