Did You Know These 7 Cat Breeds Live The Longest?

Photo by Nils Jacobi from shutterstock.com

Cats can become more than just a pet for those who love them. They might end up being our devoted friends or perhaps even family. We certainly hope that they will remain with us for as long as they can.

A cat’s lifespan can be extended by good nutrition, sufficient exercise, and frequent health checkups. There are no breed-specific traits that distinguish one breed of cat from another in terms of lifespan. A cat’s lifespan could be shortened by a breed’s higher prevalence of sickness or other health issues.

Despite the short lifespans of most domestic cats, some breeds are known to live longer than others. The following breeds of cats are options to consider if you’re seeking a breed that lives particularly long and wish to enjoy its companionship for a lengthy period of time.