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Watch the Vizsla get excited when she meets a Vizsla puppy for the first time

There is no way to stop the butt from wiggling.
Vizsla and a puppy of the same breed meet for the first time, and the puppy has a particularly wiggly butt that gives us great joy.

As Reyna’s mother, Ellie Treece, posted on TikTok on Sunday, the fuzzy Vizsla puppy immediately sent her tail wagging. Their first introduction was through a glass door, but they soon got nose-to-nose after getting used to each other.

Even Reyna started whimpering in excitement, and eventually, the two began to play together. We saw her tail wag continuously, except for maybe when she finally fell asleep next to the big dog, who was spooning the puppy.

The puppy was regarded by Treece as Reyna’s own, and her love for it is definitely explained by her behavior. More than 3.1 million people have watched the adorable play date so far.

Several of them did not leave until the puppy’s point of view was seen, which was equally cute. Reyna was even filmed looking outside her front door as if she’s waiting for the puppy to return on Monday, according to Treece.

It is our pleasure to share with you that the two will be reunited soon enough. “Treece and the puppy will be seeing each other a lot,” she wrote in the TikTok comment.


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