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Trapped in a 20-foot rabbit hole for 30 hours, Dog was saved by a miracle

Having thought quickly, Dizzy’s owner and a friend with a digger saved her from a rabbit hole in Burlish Top, Worcestershire.

Her owner was reunited with a deaf dog stuck in a rabbit hole for 30 hours in Burlish Top, Worcestershire, England.

Dizzy, a hearing-impaired cockier spaniel, owned by Duncan Flowers, went missing on Sunday after she was out walking.

Flowers, a self-employed roofer, told the outlet that Dizzy disappeared into a hedgerow between two fields on the way back home. “I went around the other side, and she had vanished.”

After several hours of searching, Flowers couldn’t find Dizzy. She turned to social media and asked for help finding the puppy.

Flowers said people began phoning her left, right, and center, offering to help search for her. Around 70 people were searching for her with torches from 5 p.m. until after midnight throughout the Rifle Range and Blackstone but no one was able to find her.”

Flowers almost gave up on Dizzy’s search when he returned to where he last saw him and saw a rabbit hole in the field. Flowers quickly called a friend with a JBC digger for help, hoping that’s where Dizzy was.

Despite not knowing she was inside, Flowers told SWNS, “I had just an inkling that she might be there.”.

Approximately two and a half hours after she had gone missing, Dizzy popped out of the hole after digging 20 feet into it, reuniting with Flowers.

The footage from the rescue shows Dizzy being lifted from the hole after a long wait and reunited with Flowers, who is overcome with emotion. Onlookers can be heard cheering over the successful rescue.

Flowers described the experience as a miracle and said, “I couldn’t believe it.

Flower said he carried Dizzy home, wrapped her in his coat.

Her tail was wagging as she ran directly into the house, and she began eating and drinking as soon as I opened the door,” the loving dog dad said. “She’s so happy to be back home.”

Thankfully, Dizzy did not suffer any injuries aside from some jitters.


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