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Why Do Dogs Twitch in Their Sleep? 6 Things to Know

As we all know, some dogs twitch in their sleep. It’s a funny thing to look at, especially since they are completely unaware of their reactions.

As you watch them move their cute little legs, you wonder whether they’ve been running, dreaming, or in pain. Well, we asked a couple of pros what they knew about these sleepytime moves, and we loved what we discovered.

Dogs are known to do the cutest possible things, but sometimes these cute doggy behaviors leave us with a ton of questions.

For example, why do dogs shake for no reason? Also, why are they afraid of thunderstorms? And when they sleep (and they definitely sleep a lot), what do they dream about?

You might have noticed that, sometimes, dogs make these little movements when they fall asleep. Well, why do dogs twitch in their sleep, and is it something you should be concerned about?

Probably the first thing worth noting is that this kind of behavior is awfully common. At times, you might notice that dogs start whining and move their legs gently or quickly as if they were running from something.

Your pet could also fake expressions when snoozing and twitching. If you are worried that twitching is a sign that your dog is in pain, here’s why dogs twitch in their sleep:

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