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OHIO Firefighters Rescue Two Puppies Who Were Stuck in Icy Water

The owners called their names repeatedly so they would keep above water while they awaited the rescue team.

Kimberly Payne was visiting her mother with her two dogs, Bruno and Mavis, on Jan. 25 in Whitewater Township, Ohio. While it was advised that everyone stayed inside where it was warm and cozy, Bruno has always been known for his wits, so when he discovered a broken latch allowing him to open the door, he did just that.

Bruno began exploring the outside world with his sister Mavis at his side. In this case, the two dogs decided to go out onto a frozen lake and into a neighbor’s yard. Bruno and Mavis fell through because the ice was too thin for the two curious pups. Seeing them struggling in the icy water, a neighbor knocked on Payne’s door, indicating they were in danger.

While waiting for help to arrive, Payne called the fire department and tried to think of ways to help her dogs. In an effort to keep them afloat, she opted to call out to the dogs from the shore rather than attempting to climb onto the ice herself.

WKRC reports that when Payne would sit down to catch his breath, he would slide back under the water, so he kept repeating “Bruno, Bruno, come on,” she said.


Approximately 20 minutes after firefighters arrived, they climbed out onto the ice and managed to rescue the dogs. According to WKRC, the rescue only took eight nerve-racking minutes.

Whitewater Township Fire Department Lt. Chris Gundrum told the news station that the dogs’ paws were up, and one had actually slipped off the ice and was getting really tired.

Despite the veterinarian’s best efforts, Bruno was unable to walk for another two hours once they were examined by the doctor. Thanks to the quick action of the Whitewater Township Fire Department, both dogs are now back home and doing well.

“Thank you for your bravery,” Payne said, “because I know I was scared as well, so thank you for doing that.”


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