‘The most loving’ pit bull puppy adopted after 7 stab wounds rescues Virginia man

After she ran under his car in bumper-to-bumper traffic, Brad Chambers treated Smoke with a trauma kit.

New owners in Virginia have given a puppy new life after saving her from death.

The pit bull named Smoke was adopted by a Portsmouth, Virginia, man after her previous owner allegedly stabbed her seven times, according to KWTX 10.

According to WTVR CBS 6, Smoke was minutes away from death when he found her on May 18, after she ran under his truck in bumper-to-bumper traffic. She was bleeding from stab wounds and in critical condition.

Her trachea was damaged by the stab wound that penetrated so deep into her neck, Chambers told the outlet. Her trachea was leaking air into her lung and the area around her heart.

His trauma kit in his truck allowed him to treat the animal before taking her to an animal hospital in Suffolk. Smoke ended up needing surgery at the College of Veterinary Medicine at North Carolina State University. Her injuries have now been repaired completely.

The dog’s medical bill of $15,000 was covered by a fundraiser for up thanks to Chambers, who described Smoke as one of the most loving pets he had ever known. “She’s pretty well recovered from all her operations. She’s got a great deal of energy, and she’s loyal as well.”


When her previous owner forfeited Smoke’s ownership, Chambers stepped in to adopt her. Smoke is currently undergoing certification as a therapy dog.

Chambers said that the dog deserves to find a home where everyone around her can benefit from her loving nature. I am looking forward to sharing my life with this dog for the next many seasons and making many memories.”


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