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New York firefighters rescue a dog stranded on a frozen pond.

At a pond in Carroll, Chautauqua County, New York, a border collie partially fell through the ice.

A dog stuck in ice upstate New York was rescued by firefighters Wednesday.

A border collie, whose hind legs were trapped in a frozen pond in Carroll, New York, was rescued after its owners posted an announcement to their Facebook page.

Two firefighters in yellow wet gear gathered a puppy out of a freezing pond at 7:47 a.m. to respond to an incident where a dog fell through the ice.

The post continues, “The crews responded quickly and rescued the family’s pet safely.”. “The owners say the animal is warm and back to its normal self. Job well done!”.

When the rescue team found the dog, he had difficulty maneuvering on the ice. His name is Tux, as reported by Eerie News Now.

A firefighter told the Jamestown Post-Journal, “He saw them, and he got excited.” “He crawled out to them. The ice was extremely thin, and they got him.”

The crew was submerged in the cold water beyond their waists, and they were attached with cables to their shoulders for additional support.

Niles said that Tux returned to his normal self after being reunited with his owners.

In January of this year, a hovercraft was necessary to rescue a dog from a frozen pond in Massachusetts.


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