Top 8 Deadliest Animals in Your State

Photo by Carlos Henrique Pires from

If the human species has learned anything over the past 4.5 billion years, it must be this: Never mess with Mother Nature.

And for very good reasons. Nature has given the world a lot of deadly creatures. From sharp fangs to strong claws and massive bodies they are equipped with everything they need to survive in the wilderness. Yet, you’d probably be surprised to hear that the tiniest of living creatures are sometimes the most dangerous.

So, what are your chances of encountering a wild animal? That absolutely depends on where you are. The predicted number of fatalities per year varies greatly from continent to continent, region to region, and even from state to state. It may occur anywhere, at any moment. 

The good news is that the CDC reports that not many humans are killed by wildlife in America. However, we must be aware that our country is home to several threatening creatures. Here’s a list of the states where you could find the most deadly ones.