You Won’t Believe How Smart These 8 Dog Breeds Are

smart dog
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Dogs have been mankind’s devoted friend since the Stone Age, and it’s not just because they’re so adorable. Throughout the centuries, people have raised dogs to be the ideal canine companions, which explains why they are clever in a way that is suitable for humans.

The brightest dog breeds have historically performed a variety of roles outside of being man’s best friend, including field guides, investigators, waste pickers, Hollywood stars, and so on.

What is a smart dog? Is it a dog that can learn tricks and commands quickly? Is it an empathic dog that can immediately read the room and adapt to your or another pet’s mood? Maybe both aspects are important, but whatever your perspective, the fact remains that some dogs are smarter than others.

In light of this, let’s look at the best dog breeds according to the general consensus about canine intelligence tests. Though it shouldn’t be the main deciding factor, it could help in your decision as to whether you want to bring one of these dogs into your family.