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Law Firm Hires a Kitten as a “Cattorney” After Getting Complaints from Visitors

I adore cats, but stray cats hold a special place in my heart. It is often said cats pick their humans, and it appears that this fact is true for the stray cats found in Brazil. Last February, a lost stray kitten walked into the Order of Attorneys of Brazil in need of shelter during a rainstorm.

He was provided milk and in fact was adored. However, the visitors were not quite pleased with this stray kitty’s presence. So, what did the authorities do to fix the situation? The Brazilian Bar Association agreed to employ the “cattorney” on a full-time basis and it’s so darn cute!

As per the human officials of the kitten’s Instagram account:

“In February, there is heavy rainfall here in the Amapá state (Amazonia), so he came to OAB to get away from the storm and thunder. He was properly fed and kept safe in a box for about a week. Before he got a job.”

The translation of his Instagram bio tells us:

“I’m Leon. I was hired as a lawyer by the OAB/AP. We built this profile in response to fan requests. The theme is going to be Animal Law, as well as some exciting news.”

He even has his own authorized identification card!

Visitors seemed worried about Leon’s appearance when he first arrived at the Bar, fearing that they would intrude on him:

“They believed that since they work in a serious organization, this place should have not had space for some random kitten. As a result, the OAB’s President decided on his hiring and issued him an official employee badge.”

“Today, Leon is loved by all. And those who disliked him became comfortable with his existence and enjoyed their time with him. President Auriney’s couch is his favorite spot; he enjoys playing with his stuffed toys.”

When Dr. Leon is taking a tour around and is not expanding his fan base, he seems to be raising awareness for homeless animals that are in need: “We’re putting the finishing touches on the paperwork to start an animal welfare organization. Instituto Dr. Leon will be the name of the institution. We will be funding the NGOs in this town because we are unable to provide shelter to all the stray animals. We will set an example for Brazil,” According to his spokesperson.

He even casually walks around the office!

Dr. Leon has been happy with his new place, but he seems to have sustained some abuse in his kittenhood previous to his stay at the Bar:

“Leon was spayed two months ago and has now healed. However, veterinarians believe he had problems with his larynx as he suffered a lot when he was a baby. We love to look after him despite his lack of meows. This inspired us to start the institute in order to assist neglected and homeless animals.”

Isn’t Leon the cutest? We just adore seeing abandoned kittens like this who finally get an opportunity to shine!



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