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6 Dog Breeds That Chew Your Shoes, Couch, and Bed

Did you know there are dog breeds that chew more than others?

We all know that a puppy is going to chew on things inadvertently, but did you know there are dog breeds that chew more often than others?

While it may seem harsh to label some breeds as such, it is true that some dog breeds are more prone to end up chewing on things in your home than others.

And let’s be candid: if you are a dog owner or have had dogs, you have surely returned home to find your pup has chewed on something it shouldn’t have.

From slippers to sideboards and even to the whole couch and parts of drywall (yes, it happens, folks), dogs can be more destructive than we can imagine, even if it is not in their nature to be malicious or spite you.

If you have been thinking of getting a pup and are unsure what breed to get, we have your back! Check out some of the breeds that are known to be fervent chewers so that you can prepare yourself, or, if you do not want to deal with the extensive training that comes along with getting them to stop this habit, avoid the breed altogether!

Can you guess which breeds are on this list? Let us know if your answer was correct in the comments!

dog breeds that chew
Image By smrm1977 From Shutterstock

Golden Retriever

The Golden has always been among the most popular breeds out there, and for good reason. They are obedient, friendly, and helpful, and they love to be around their humans, making them perfect for families with children!

However, it is not surprising that the Golden Retirer is known to be among the dog breeds that chew on anything you will let them! They were initially bred to be hunting dogs, tasked with retrieving the fowl that the hunter shot, which makes them prone to like to have things in their mouths.

If you have ever raised a Golden, you know how mouthy they can be, and if you do not train them properly and make sure they are entertained, they will end up chewing on anything in their sight!

To make sure this breed does not end up going through your wall, you need to make sure they get their energy out, that they exercise and are walked frequently, and that they have enough toys and purposeful chewing items available so they do not turn to your slippers!


Much like their furrier friends the Goldens, Labradors have also been bred to retrieve hunting animals, hence their full name, Labrador Retrievers!

This dog breed is known to be energetic and exuberant; they just love to be around people, and if you want a happy and healthy dog, you will know that you need to keep them busy and entertained.

Otherwise, you can end up with a pup that is going to start chewing on things around the house, and you do not want to deal with that.

The best way to make sure an active breed is not going to mouth times around the home is to make sure their environment is enriched, and if you have to leave them alone at home, you have a number of different types of flavorful chews.

This is in addition to lots of exercise and walks so that they exhaust their energy!

dog breeds that chew
Image By tanya.asfir From Shutterstock


If there is one food-motivated dog breed out there, it has to be the beagle. And while you may be wondering what this has to do with dog breeds that chew, know that beagles like to eat around even things that are not edible. This means that they do have a tendency to chew on anything they get their little teeth on.

And we would know it! My aunt’s beagle ended up eating all the tassels on her rug before it turned 5 months old!

Beagles will target anything they believe is going to be tasty, and if it is fun to chew on, they will end up going to that even if it is not food. They can become terror chewers, no matter how cute they are.

The best way to make sure they do not end up chewing on things around your home is to give them a good chewing bone that is also edible so they can both eat something and chew, or to get one of those toys where you can put treats inside, or a Koong with peanut butter.

These types of toys will both keep them entertained and help you avoid chewing on your slippers. Not to mention, this breed is very inquisitive and very active, so you need to make sure they get busy!


Do not let their size fool you! It’s not only the big dogs that are known chewers, and Chihuahuas can be just as much of a menace on this topic as any other bigger dog!

If anything, more Chihuahua owners have caught their small dogs making their way through one of their leather shoes than those who haven’t!

This can also be a drawback because some first-time owners believe small dogs do not need the same amount of activity as bigger dogs, but these little wonders will wow you!

Chihuahuas are very active, and they are known to be prone to boredom, separation anxiety, and being very nervous. This can lead to them picking up chewing as a way to alleviate the stress they feel!

As a result, you need to make sure that you train your dog, that they are not left alone for too long if they are prone to anxiety, that you give them plenty of chewing options so they stay away from any of your items, and that you try to take them on longer walks.

Sometimes, exhausting their energy in a positive, fun way can be the key to putting an end to destructive chewing!

dog breeds that chew
Image By Reddogs From Shutterstock

Jack Russell

The next dog on our list is another small breed. And if you know any dog lover who has had a Jack Russell before, you have probably heard about their destructive nature. Not to mention, this dog breed has become infamous for how prone they are to chewing.

These small dogs can sometimes have larger-than-life personalities, and they do have some peculiar habits, which include chewing and even digging. The problem is that once they find something to chew on, they will not stop until it is in shreds!

The best way to deal with this chewing problem with this breed is to always keep them occupied and their energy exhausted, and to make sure that they have a chew on hand at any time.

Regular exercise and always learning new tricks with them will definitely help as well!

Border Collie

The last dog on our list, but definitely not the least, is the Border Collie. Known to be herding dogs, these pups are full of energy and extremely intelligent. This makes them one of the breeds that are not great for first-time owners.

If they end up getting bored, they become restless, and they will start to find ways to keep themselves entertained and busy. Unfortunately, this can mean that your Border Collie will find out what the inside of your couch looks like. A surprise no one wants to come back home to!

To make sure they do not give in to destructive boredom and take it out on your furniture, make sure you keep them busy, take them on long walks, and play with them. Another great thing to try is to sign them up for activities. This breed is known to love flyball dog courses!

A good way to make sure your pup does not end up destroying your things is to let them chew on other items! This bone has helped us with our pup, and it is both affordable and will last you a while!

Dogs are not the only ones that can end up making a mess in your home, even without them wanting to cause destruction. Cats have the same type of behavior, but it manifests through scratching and biting! If you want to know how you can deter cats from doing this, check out this article here!


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