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A French Mastiff Trusts His Teammate To Catch Him When He Falls

Have you ever tried doing a trust-fall before? It is both exciting and terrifying and can really help build trust between you and someone. Beni and Mabel, two French Mastiffs, work together and trust one another when push comes to shove.

These adorable pups don’t know it but their owner is recording this special moment between the two when Beni throws himself backward hoping that Mabel will be there to catch him. However, Beni is very hesitant at first not knowing if he can trust his counterpart for an easy landing.

Beni stretches backward seeing if his counterpart is ready for the grand finale. Beni was unsure if Mabel was ready for her big move. In an adorable and heartwarming fashion, Beni lets go of all worry and trusts her partner to catch her. A few moments later Beni looks back and boom! Lands right into Mabel’s lap for the landing. Mabel seemed a bit irked at first but then quickly embraced Beni into her paws.

This adorable moment of trust and teamwork really shows that these two are there for one another. After Beni’s incredible backward fall, the two rest and cuddle together in pure bliss. You can watch the whole performance play out below between Beni and Mabel.

This moment of trust and love shows just how teamwork really can make the dream work. Here at Cute Animal Planet, we are thankful to the owner that caught this moment of trust and the aftermath of cuddles and love.




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