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10+ Cats Who Show The Dog Who’s Boss

These cats know how to run the show and get what they want. They live in a house with a dog too, and just because the dog may be bigger doesn’t mean they are the kings of the house. For these cats, it doesn’t matter if they are supposed to be on the dogs beds. They let their presence be known by the dog about who is in charge around there.

These dogs stand by while they watch their beds get taken over by their cat counterparts. Unsurprisingly, these bossy and no nonsense cats get what they asked for.


1. Just because you are 100 times the size doesn’t mean you’re the boss around here

2. Mmmmm… This one feels just the right size!

3. This cat looks way too comfy

4. He doesn’t look too happy with the cats choice

5. The dog is thinking, “Well I guess I’ll just take a seat here…”

6. The dog is trying to convince himself that the ground is just as comfy too

7. I’ll just wait here

8. Ahhhhh, it feels good to be king

9. If you won’t move then I’ll make you!

10. You two sit over there, I need this whole bed to myself

11. A bed made for a queen!

12. At least half of my body can fit on here

These dogs sure take a lot of heat from these cats. But the real question is, what aren’t cat beds just as popular as dog beds? Well, these cats sure make a good argument for why cats deserve beds too.


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