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This Adoption Ad Will Melt Your Heart In Seconds

There are many reasons why someone would want to get a puppy or a dog. Maybe it is because they want companionship and love or even just someone to have fun with. In this ad by Safe Hound, which encourages adoption, shows us how much dogs and human need each other.

The pup in the video looks sad and lonely in the kennel and little does he know that his entire life is about to change. Adoption can change the lives of so many dogs and give them a new perspective on life. In addition, if animals are not adopted within a certain timeframe then they are sometimes euthanized despite if they are in good health and spirits. Adoption is a great option to try to help out a community and a local, lonely animal.

We know that shelter workers and volunteers work very hard to give the best loving homes to the animals. However, it can be difficult to have time to give the kind of attention that dogs truly need. Not only does this little girl need attention too, but so does the dog. This is a great reason why adoption is a symbiotic relationship.

Watch how it unfolds down below.

Thankfully, the dog in this video Suzie was adopted by a man who works at a local church. He decided that Suzie was going to be a gift to his two twin daughters for Christmas. We are so happy that Suzie found a home. Thanks to Safe Hound, the company that made this video, this video shows the truly what the power of adoption can do.




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