10+ Video Clips of Cute and Funny Dogs That Will Make Your Day

If you love dogs, you’re going to love these clips. Over the years you may have met dogs with diverse characteristics, most of them are loyal, some are sweet, playful, curious, adorable and childlike. Some favor big dogs while some prefer the small ones. It will take a prudent choice to get one of these fur babies since once they are there, you should get along and be able to take care of them.

Dogs are such a good addition in the family and they bring joy around the house. Though there are other responsibilities of owning one, the benefits outweigh it. So for dog enthusiasts, we have gathered clips that will surely make you adore these cute dogs. So keep browsing and enjoy!

1. The clever Siberian husky. “All I wanna do is play”

2. Siberian Husky shared his lunch

3. During bedtime, this cute dog personally unfolds the beddings and turns off the lights

4. I’m a corgi and I don’t know how to jump. “All I want is to go to the other side”

5. I’m looking for my mama

6. Howling baby dog is so cute

7. Entertaining myself through dancing.

8. Helping another sibling who got stuck

9. I can run fast

10. I hope no one has seen this

11. Best friends

12. Cuddle time for this teacup Pomeranian

13. This is how I take a bath. I also love to sleep while I am in here.

A dog has a different charm and wit. Who could resist watching such cute videos? Stay tuned for more and let us know what you think of these videos.


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