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Man Uses His Morning Coffee To Rescue Kittens Stuck To The Icy Ground

Most of us have our usual cup of joe in the morning. However, one man didn’t drink his morning cup of coffee. He creatively used it to save these 3 kittens who were frozen to the wintery ground.

Kendall Diwisch, who is from Alberta, Canada, was heading to work at the oil rig when he noticed 3 kittens meowing for help. He took a moment to stop his morning commute and tried to see if he could help the stuck kittens.

The kittens had no way of escaping because their tails were frozen to the icy ground. He thinks that they were possibly abandoned by a cruel owner who didn’t want them anymore. The kittens clearly needed some help from Diwisch. He quickly ran back to his car and grabbed his morning cup of joe.

He dumped the cup of coffee on the ice and it gradually began melting away before his eyes. The warm coffee ended up working just right because the kittens didn’t get scalded and they escaped without a scratch. Diwisch was so proud that he had just rescued these helpless kittens and he took them back to his home. He made sure to feed them and get them warmed up and also post on Facebook about the unexpected morning adventure he had encountered.

Pretty soon after he posted about it on Facebook, he had volunteers who would take the kittens and give them a loving home. He was ecstatic that the 3 kittens would have loving and caring homes. Here is the video of the selfless act.


His creativity and selfless act saved these kittens from a bad ending. Luckily, there are people in the world like Diwisch. If it wasn’t for him, these kittens would have never found a loving home.




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