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This One Pup Is Attempting To Escape Quarantine

Most of the world is under some type of quarantine right now. To combat the novel coronavirus, we must stay distant from others. As a result, most of us are stuck inside.

For some, it is a time of self-care and relaxation from the real world of going into work. But for others, it is not quite the same. Boredom is starting to creep into our days. Slowly, our sanity is starting to compromise as we finish one Netflix show after another. This pup who is stuck inside with his owners is starting to lose a little bit of sanity that is left.

This dog named Donna is trying to escape quarantine and nothing is stopping her. If there was ever a dog to help me get out of prison, I would call her up right away.

Donna thought she had a chance to get out of her house. But her paws eventually got too tired from digging and it seems like she is on to bigger and better things. In this moment of defeat, Donna wasn’t able to escape from her owner who is recording all of this happening. Watch below for the video of Donna digging her way out of quarantine.

What do you think of Donna’s attempt to freedom? She seems like a determined pup, but unfortunately, I think it is going to take a lot more than just paws to get her out of this one. We are glad her owner captured this moment for us to laugh during these difficult times. Good luck Donna!


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