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Tiny Kitten Bounces Back After Being Neglected In The Mud

It was a cold fall and blistery windy September when someone had crossed paths with a tiny little creature struggling in the mud. The stranger took a moment to look down and see what all of the blubbering commotions were about. It was at that moment that the stranger realized a tiny kitten was in danger and was so helpless and could barely move. The mud was so thick and practically frozen that the kitten had been most likely stuck there for a few hours or even for a whole day.

This little guy was immediately taken to the vet and was served lots of attention right away. The kitten was freezing cold and covered in mud and if he would have been out there just a tad bit longer, there is a possibility that he would not have made it.

This kitten was luckily rescued by the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee in Virginia and was clean up and given plenty of food and water to thrive. The kitten had a warm, good night’s rest and woke up the next morning as a completely different kitten.

No more mud and dirt, now a clean and energized little guy. They came up with the name Steely Dan and he was the new exciting kitten in the shelter. It didn’t take even a moment to find this little one a forever home. He was adopted nearly just a few weeks later and brought home by a warm and loving family.

The years went by and Steely Dan grew quickly and he now looks happier and healthier than ever. We are so happy that he found his new forever home!


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