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This Baby Thinks She’s A Corgi and It’s Absolutely Adorable

It’s a totally normal day in the house when your baby thinks it’s a dog right? Well, this little girl thinks that she is apart of the wolf pack. To be honest, we think so too!

At this one residence, it is a blessing that someone captured this moment of fetch with their dogs. Unexpectedly, their baby wants to get in on all the action. There are two corgi’s that love to play fetch in the hallway. Suddenly, what makes this day even better, is that their own kid decides to join in on all the fun with a toy in her mouth!

Then, the pups are ready with the toys and the baby comes crawling along besides them. I think the saying that “imitation is the best form of flattering” hold true to this instance. In the video, you can hear how excited the baby is almost as if she is imitating the dogs voices.

However, there is a slight problem in the video. The baby seems to be going on well and trucking along then all of a sudden she makes a misstep. Watch the video to see what really goes down.

Luckily, all is well in this household and the baby made it back to her dad. Although we would never suggest using your baby as a dog, if it happens that they want to then why stop it! Isn’t it fun how carefree children are? Surely, it makes for funny and special moments just like this one.


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