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10+ Pictures of Tiny Kittens You’ll Want to Put In Your Pocket

Kittens are such small creatures with soft fur, small paws and innocent eyes, and we absolutely LOVE them! Of course, as kittens, they’re just so tiny and delicate and they absolutely love to sleep. Though they may be a bit clumsy too, they still have great speed to respond to things you give them, such as toys, boxes, treats, curtains and anything else you put in front of them. Kittens can truly entertain themselves for hours with anything, but they still thrive on attention and love from humans.

Here are 10+ pictures of tiny kittens who are so tiny you’re going to want to put them in your pocket. Enjoy!

1. Practicing my boxing skills for stronger arms!

2. I think this sock is dry now. I will sleep in here.

3. High five and flat ears!

4. My perfectly fit clothes!

5. Ready to play!

6. I’m tired now, can I get some sleep?

7. Just an adorable kitten playing before going to sleep!

8. Hooray! It’s Friday!

9. I’m the King of the Jungle!

10. I’m staying here until you give me my food!

11. I accidentally slid myself inside. Let me out, please!

12. Yay! You found me!

13. No, we are staying here. More sleep, please!

14. Can I always sleep here?

15. Move over there mate, I need space!

16. Playing with my precious toys while posing for the camera!

17. Don’t touch me. I’m mad at you!

18. Mom, we’re hungry! Milk, please!

19. No one wake me up please! I am staying here! I need to sleep and grow.

20. Playing while wearing my cute costume!

Thinking of getting a kitten? Then be ready to give them a lot of your time and attention, because although they are playful by nature, they will surely require your attention. And you’ll love giving it to them!


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