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12 Pet Products Vets Would Never Buy

Pet Products
Photo by FamVeld at Shutterstock

What type of pet products have you bought YOUR pet?

Our pets are beloved members of many families. But they’re also big business.

The American Pet Products Association has estimated that pet owners spend about $60 billion annually on their shaggy friends.

And while we agree that your dog needs toys to play with, chew on and stay entertained when choosing the best possible dog toys, it’s essential to consider function and safety.

Not all toys on the market meet these criteria. Just like children’s toys come with safety labels and warnings, so should those made for pets. Yet sadly, they don’t.

There’s so much information about products to buy for your animal. But how trustworthy are all those sources?

Well, to put your mind at ease, we asked veterinarians to share with our readers what they would NEVER buy for one of their pets.

Here are 12 items they say you should stay away from!

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