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4 Most Dangerous Insects That Could Invade Your Home Anytime

We know about dangerous insects, but do you know about the ones that could put you in grave danger inside your own home?

Many dangerous insects exist, but not all of us know about them or how to protect ourselves from them! While you may think that this does not apply to you, you should not discredit the idea that you may have an unwanted yet dangerous pest in your home right now!

The Wilderness Medical Society has recently conducted a study that has shown that on average, about 80 Americans die each year from the bite or sting of some of these dangerous insects. And while some of them are easy to spot (you would not cross a scorpion), some of them are tiny, and if you are not careful, you will not be able to tell they are dangerous!

These little animals hiding in your backyard could easily end up inside your home, or they could crawl up and enter through your balcony, so you cannot just bank on good luck and expect them to never wander inside your living space!

Today we explore the most common and dangerous insects that could put your life in danger and what you can do to protect yourself and your family from them!

Have you ever had any run-ins with any of these pests on our list? Or maybe you met someone who lived to tell their tale! Tell us your story in the comments below!

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Image By phonecat From Shutterstock

1. The black widow

This small, yet extremely venomous spider is the reason why more than 2,500 Americans end up in the ER or poison control centers each year. They are more common than you think, and while their bite is venomous and painful, no one has yet to die from this dangerous insect in the United States.

However, this spider is common in the western and southern states, so if you live there or are thinking about moving, you need to keep them in mind. These spiders are small, and you can easily identify them by their red markings, but they also have a habit of entering people’s homes to seek shelter from predators and the weather, as well as food.

You can easily find them in the more moist spots in the home, like the patio, garage, and even basements!

The best way to treat an encounter with this dangerous insect is to minimize the chances of ever meeting one. This means you should make sure that your kitchen is clean and that you always put your food away. This will keep other bugs and flies away, which will mean that there will be no food for the widow in your kitchen.

Likewise, make sure you keep your home in tip-top shape and that you minimize any gaps or cracks where it could crawl inside. If you have a fireplace, keep it outside and shake it well before you bring it inside. It’s the same with other items you bring inside that have been sitting there for a while, so you do not have any unwanted guests.

2. Hornets, wasps, and bees

These insects may be some of the smallest and maybe not that threatening, but they are indeed some of the most dangerous insects since they can be the deadliest ones! In the United States, the CDC has reported that about 62 people die each year due to being stung by them. This is because most people enter anaphylactic shock due to the venom since they are allergic.

While you may not think much about these insects, there are a few species that have become invasive in the US that are not your normal types of wasps, bees, and even hornets. You should keep an eye out for the Asian giant hornets and the “Africanized” bees, which are known to be aggressive and also lethal as they swarm their perceived attackers.

The Japanese oriental wasps have been spotted along the Pacific Northwest, and the “Africanized” bees have posed a huge concern for the western and southern states these past years.

The best way to make sure you are not putting yourself in danger when you see them is to make sure they are there to stay in your garden. They may just be passing, and they will leave your property soon, so you do not have to worry about things.

If you think they are there to stay, make sure that you know what they are. If they are a bee swarm, you should call a licensed bee remover to get rid of them. If they are wasps and hornets, you should call a professional pest control person so that you can get rid of them easily and without any harm coming to you!

If you want to make sure that you repel any bugs from entering your home, no matter if they are dangerous or not, make sure you do it safely and naturally. This insect and pest control powder is affordable and easy to use, and it will make sure your home is safe from any unwanted guests!

dangerous insects
Image By Macrolife From Shutterstock

3. The brown recluse spider

If you are looking for the most dangerous insect in the United States, these spiders are among them! They are very venomous, as they are as potent as the one from the rattlesnake, and they are among the deadliest spiders in the world. You should not be messing around with a brown recluse spider.

The good news is that you have very small chances of ever dying due to the bite of a broken rectal, as in the last decade there has been only one reported death due to this North American spider. This is likely because when biting, the spider only releases a small amount of venom, which, despite its potency, is not enough to kill an adult human. Children and the elderly need to be more careful, as if they are bitten, they are likely to suffer severe consequences.

Generally speaking, you should not be afraid that all spiders you encounter are going to bite you; this type of insect bites only for self-defense purposes, and the brown recline is not an exception to this rule!

The majority of the bites reported by this type of spider have happened inside the home, where the spider sought solace and then bit someone because it felt threatened.
The brown recluse likes to hide in shoes, clutter bedsheets, and dark corners, so it is easy to miss it and be perceived as a threat to this dangerous insect.

If you want to make sure that you will not have one inside your home, make sure your home is well sealed, with no tracks or holes, and that you follow similar rules to the ones from the black widow!

An added caution includes the fact that you should not leave your clothes on the floor, as these spiders will be quick to hide inside them, and that you should always inspect them before putting any clothes on if you are in a region that is home to the brown recline!

dangerous insects
Image By Oktavianus Mulyadi From Shutterstock

4. Kissing bugs

This bug may have never been on your list of dangerous insects, but believe us, while it has been ignored for many years, it is high time you are alert when it comes to them. The reason is that, much like the mosquito, these bugs carry diseases that can put you five feet under in no time.

The name of this bug may be thought of as cute, but when you realize where it comes from, it becomes anything but that! They have gotten this name because they bite people on their faces in their sleep and then defecate in the wound created, thus spreading the parasite they are carrying.

The parasite that is carried by this bug is not known, but it passes on the Chagas disease, which is an infection that can cause severe digestive and health issues, which can easily result in death if there are severe cases.

This disease is unreported, but even so, it still managed to infect 300,000 people in the U.S., mainly in Florida, California, and Texas, with other cases being reported in the other 25 states.

Like with most dangerous insects, it is better to be safe than sorry, so keeping them outside your home is the way to go. Install fly screens and seal your home, so they cannot make their way inside.

Likewise, if you are in a state where they live, make sure you check your home for them, that you check your pets and bedding so that they are not infested, and that you invest in a bed net. That will make sure that even if they are around, they cannot get to you overnight.

While you may not think that there is a chance that a state would be dangerous for you, there is a chance that the haven for you will be a dangerous state for your dog! If you want to make sure that your state is safe for your furry friend, make sure you read about the most dangerous ones here!


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