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Owners Bring Puppy To Shelter To Pick Out New Best Friend That She Could Grow Old With Forever

This adorable Tamaskan Husky puppy named Raven was taken to the animal shelter in Lubbock, Texas, but not because she was being abandoned. She was actually going to the shelter to pick out her new best friend that she could grow old with!

When Raven arrived at the shelter to pick out her new best friend, you’ll never guess what she chose! Not another dog, but she chose a cat! Raven ending up choose a tiny super cute kitten named Woodhouse and they are just the cutest friends!

What a great way to find a rescue animal that will get along with your pets that you already have at home. Just bring your animals to the shelter and see who they get along with the most. That’s the one you pick! This is such an amazing story! Watch the entire story below!


Raven and Woodhouse are such adorable friends! They get along so well and just prove that cats and dogs love each other!



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