These 9 Cat Breeds Are the Best for First-Time Owners

Getting your first cat can be a joyful and extraordinary experience. Even though new cats are adorable and cuddly, they require much effort, especially if you choose a kitten rather than an adult cat. Many times dogs may appear to require less upkeep than cats, and in some aspects, this is absolutely true.

Although adopting a cat from a shelter is always advised, doing so implies your cat is probably not purebred. If you decide to bring a pedigreed cat into your home, you should seek out a breed that suits your own traits and personality.

You need to be aware of everything when you bring a cat into your home, including when and what to feed it, how to “train” it, and what to do with it when you have to be gone for a long period of time. When you are a first-time owner, it is advised that you choose a cat breed that makes your life easier.

Are you prepared to find the ideal match? A good place to start is with our list of the most popular cat breeds for new owners.

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