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Stress Free Holiday: 4 Ways to Keep Your Kitty Happy

You can achieve stress free holidays for both you and your kitty, with a few simple rules you HAVE to follow!

Stress free holidays seem like a dream we are all chasing after! However, it is something that we can achieve as long as we aim for it, and when it comes to having a fluffy friend in your home, you should make sure that both of you are as stress-free as possible.

We already know that cats can get pretty stressed when they are taken out of their own routine, and the Christmas period is always a new way to stress them. From how busy and on-the-go everyone is to the new people they may end up having to encounter, there are a number of things that could end up stressing our cats.

What’s more, for a stress-free holiday, you should also make sure there are no things that could end up harming your cat without your knowledge.

To help you prepare for the festive season, we have gathered some of the best ways in which you can anticipate and alleviate the stress that your dear companion may be feeling during the holiday season so that you can also feel less stressed when it comes to them!

Have you ever had a stress-free holiday with your cat? How have you celebrated together with your pets before? Let us know in the comments below!

stress free holiday
Image By Maria Moroz From Shutterstock

Make sure the guests are not stressing your cat!

If you are going to host the festivities in your home and you have a cat, then you should make sure that you do not let your guests overwhelm your cat. A stress-free holiday for them could be synonymous with being left alone by a bunch of strangers, and if you know your cat is skittish, you should never push her to meet your guests.

Even if your cat is not as overwhelmed when in the presence of strangers, you should let the feline decide when it is ready to approach the people who have come into your home. Cats are known to perceive their whole environment, including their home, as their territory. And now there are a bunch of people they may not know that are coming into their space, and for highly territorial animals like cats, this can easily turn into a recipe for disaster.

Instruct your guests ahead of time, especially if they have not met your fluffy friend before. They should not push their luck with your cat, and they should let it approach them when it is ready instead of following it around from room to room.

That sort of pushy behavior is going to only stress your cat further, and since we are aiming for a stress-free holiday for both you and your cat, make sure you let your guests know they should approach your cat with caution.

Do not be afraid to rely on diffusers if needed!

The pheromone diffusers have long been quite a testy subject amongst pet owners, but they are a handy device, and you should make use of them if you are aiming to create a stress-free environment for your cat. The idea that you can achieve a 100% stress-free environment is a dream, but making use of all the tools you can to make sure they are as calm as possible is always on the cards.

And since cats make use of their pheromones to feel calm and safe, why not use some of these pheromone diffusers to aid that safe and comfortable feeling? Using these can end up further calming down your cat, which will in turn create a great environment for them, and it will also help them when it comes to interacting with new people if needed.

One thing you should avoid doing is believing they are miracle workers, especially if you know your cat is easily frightened. They are not miracle workers, and if your cat is anxious, plugging the diffuser in right before your house becomes swarmed with guests will do nothing to help your cat feel calm and safe.

The best way to go about using these pheromone diffusers to create the stress-free environment you desire is to plug them in a few days in advance so that they have the best shot at working to their full potential.

If you are looking for a pheromone diffuser that is going to do a food hob and which is not going to put a dent in your wallet, make sure that you check out these ones from Amazon. They have amazing reviews, and people have reported that they have had great success in lowering their cat’s stress levels with them! If anything, it’s worth a try!

stress free holidays
Image By dezy From Shutterstock

Keep stress away from yourself, by catproofing your tree!

Yes, you have probably anticipated the tree debate. As much as you would love for your cat to not climb on your tree, it is not something you can prevent. If you are one of the lucky ones who has a cat that has no interest in the Christmas tree, then you have nothing to worry about on that front. However, if you do have a cat that loves to climb, you have to ensure that this will not pose any problems for you.

This is more about the stress-free holiday you desire, as the cat will only feel stressed after they fall off the tree, not before that. To make things easier, make sure you cat-proof the tree and that you ensure it is not going to pose a threat to your cat or yourself, for that matter!

Fake snow and tree water are two of the things you should make sure your cat does not have any access to fake snow is going to poison your cat if they eat it, and it is not good for the cat to drink the tree water if you have a natural fir. Cover the water source with a cover, and make sure your cat cannot get to it. And when it comes to fake snow, do you need to deal with all that mess?

Another thing you should be very careful of is tinsel. It is indeed beautiful, but it is a big hazard for your cat, and it should be avoided when it comes to decorating with it.

Not only can your cat get tangled in it, and it can easily cause them physical injuries, but if your cat accidentally eats it, it will mean you will have to make a surprise visit to the ER with them unless you want your stress-free holiday to transform into a tragedy. Opt for paper, wood, or even felt decorations, and spray the tree with a scent your cat hates to minimize the potential that the cat will try to get into it.

Last but not least, ensure that the base of your tree is sturdy and that you secure it so that if your cat gets into it, it will not topple over. Likewise, make sure the very fragile ornaments are out of reach or that they are towards the top so that if the tree does fall, the shards will not injure your cat.

stress free holiday
Image By I Wei Huang From Shutterstock

If your cat likes affection, provide it no matter what!

There is a high chance that your cat may prefer to be secluded somewhere away from all the hustle and bustle of guests, but there is also a chance that they will like to roam around and only want to retreat somewhere quiet when the excitement of the holidays gets too much.

You should always have that spot for them with all the necessary items they may need (at least the little box, food, and water) so that they know they can get the relaxation they need.

However, you should not neglect your cat if you know they are touchy and get comfort from being around you, just because you have guests. You should make sure you offer all the pets and grooming they require, along with even a couple of minutes of extra time with them, despite the stress of the holidays.

This will give them the confidence to know they are still important to you and, more importantly, diminish the stress they feel due to the number of new people around them.

This is especially important if your cat is affectionate with you, as being around them and consoling them when they are distressed will make your bond stronger. Not to mention, being around you will also help them feel more stress-free.

Never forget: Your cat does love you, and they want to be around you because of that. Do not neglect this aspect because you have holiday guests!

There are a lot of things we do not know about our feline companions, and a great way to get closer to them is to try to understand them better. This starts by making sure they are comfortable in high-stress situations like the holiday season, but also by paying attention to the small signs that something may not be okay. To make sure that you are prepared to deal with anything related to your fluffy friend, make sure you are aware of all the noises they make! Read all about the most common ones and what they are trying to convey to you here!


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