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4 Cat Breeds Most Likely to Attack Their Owners

Did you know these cat breeds are likely to attack their owners?

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that some cat breeds are more wild than others; after all, anyone who’s ever owned a feline knows how unpredictable they can be.

Generally speaking, the more wild and animalistic displays of cats are attributed to the fact that they are likely in a mood or being playful.

This is also a side effect of the fact that most cats are seen as cuddly and cute beings. This impression automatically makes people not pay as much attention to the fact that they can be dangerous.

Like many dog breeds, cats are just as dangerous as they are brought up. But there is a certain level of wildness in the domesticated cat that needs to be taken into consideration. There are always cats that will be more in contact with their wild roots due to their genetic composition.

While they are not all dangerous, it is good to know which cat breeds are closer to their wild side than to the run-of-the-mill domesticated cat. That will help you know how much time you will have to socialize with them so they are more comfortable around people.

Some cat breeds can be labeled dangerous because they are known to be territorial, so they are not fond of anyone who is not considered part of their family.

Others are mislabeled as such since they look “mean,” and others can become aggressive if their needs are not met by their owners.

Keep on reading to discover the world’s most dangerous domestic cats and the truth behind this sometimes mistaken label!

cat breeds
Image By Med_Ved From Shutterstock


This gorgeous cat breed is actually a hybrid one; while it is not as common with dog breeds, domestic cats have been bred with wild cats, and the resulting breed has become recognized worldwide.
In the case of the Savannah, it is a cross of a domestic cat and a serval.

This results in this athletic cat with a spotted coat that is easy to pick out when you see one. Some of them are lanky and large, and they also sport an impressive pair of ears.

The standard temperament of the breed is adventurous, loyal, and obviously playful. Just because this cat is a mix with a wild one, you should not expect it to be dangerous, but it is in their genes to be more wild.

The Savannah is not known to be aggressive, yet like all animals, when they feel threatened, they will have such tendencies, and if they are bored, they are known to be destructive around the home.

So if you desire one, make sure you have the time to spend with them, to play, and to enrich their environment so they do not fall prey to boredom.

Due to their wildcat genes, however, you shouldn’t have other small household pets.

This is due to their hunting instincts; these are present in all cats, but the wild genes in the Savannah make it more prone to hunting. Thus, the likes of fish, small rodents, and birds are not advised to be kept around this breed.


Yes, you read that right. The Siamese cat is considered among the most dangerous cat breeds in the world, but like the Savannah, it is only in certain circumstances.

As we mentioned in the previous breed, the Siamese can be a dangerous cat breed (like many out there), and if it is not in an environment that makes the cat feel comfortable and safe, it can end up becoming aggressive.

This cat breed is known to be loving and affectionate when their needs are met, so if you have been wanting to get one of these two-toned beauties, know that you will have to provide them with a lot of attention and playtime.

If you cannot provide these things for them, then expect your Siamese to end up acting out and having behavioral problems with both you and strangers in their environment.

If they get anxious or stressed, they can end up biting out of not knowing what else to do.

What’s more, Siamese cats are known to be some of the most territorial cats out there, so make sure you are aware of this.

All in all, if you can provide them with a stimulating home where you know you can spend time with them to give them attention and play with them, you should not worry about this breed becoming aggressive or having your hands full with them.

cat breeds
Image By New Africa From Shutterstock


Another cat breed that can bring you trouble is the Sphynx. Known by the whole world for their hairless bodies, these cats are also characterized as loyal, affectionate, and loving. Yet, much like the ones before them on our list, they can end up becoming dangerous and destructive.

The Sphynx is what some would call a clingy breed; they need to be given affection, pets, adequate playtime, and a lot of cuddles. They love their humans, and they will want to be around them a lot, so be prepared to have a lovebug on your hands.

On the other hand, they are some of the more extroverted cat breeds out there; they are naturally curious, generally like to meet people, and have a lot of energy.

Much on par with their wildcat gened siblings, this cat needs to be estimated both mentally and physically, or else they will end up getting destructive.

They can also act up when you stop them from being descriptive, and they will not hesitate to swipe at you, which is why a lot of people consider them dangerous.

They need to be given a lot of extra attention from their owners, in addition to the extensive care requirements that come with owning a hairless cat, or else they can become a handful and act out.

cat breeds
Image By Alexander_Evgenyevich From Shutterstock


This cat breed is another one that comes with wild genes in the package, as they are a mix between domestic shorthairs and the Asian leopard cat.

Do not let the cat on the wild side of this mix fool you, as even if the size of these wild cats is not on par with their bigger sibling in the savannah, they are just as dangerous, if not more so due to their smaller size.

Despite their general demeanor of being loyal and affectionate, this cat is alert, intelligent, and highly active, so much so that their wild roots can be seen coming out.

Be it that these roots come out during playtime or when they want to get your attention, you should expect them to come out at some point with the Bengal.

This cat breed is not afraid of water, with many loving to play in bodies of water. They are great tree climbers, and they are one of the cat breeds that can easily be taught tricks.

Bengals are also known to have strong hunting instincts, and many specialists recommend that you not leave them around small animals like hamsters, birds, and even rabbits.

What’s more, this is not one of the cat breeds that you can just pick up and cuddle with; while they are affectionate in their own way and will seek your company, they are not cuddly, and if you try to force a snuggle session, you may be met with claws.

Due to their genetic makeup, the Bengal is banned in certain states and even cities across the United States, including Connecticut, New York, Hawaii, and Seattle.

For most of these breeds, you should make sure that you provide a lot of options for entertainment, even when you are not at home. This is why we recommend that you get a stimulating toy they can interact with even when you are away. Our cats love this one from Amazon and can provide you with hours of entertainment!

All of these cat breeds are considered dangerous since when they are not offered an enriched environment, they can act up. This is because cats, as animals, are extremely intelligent. If you are wondering what the world’s smartest cat breeds are, make sure that you check out our article on the matter here!


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