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The Doberman Pinscher mama who ‘adopted’ a newborn kitten and adores her

Ruby’s puppies hadn’t even opened their eyes yet when Ramblin’ Rose joined their family.

Mama’s love knows no bounds, and this Doberman pinscher mama is living proof of that. Ruby accepted and nursed an abandoned newborn kitten just a week after giving birth to a litter of six puppies last month. Her story is heartwarming and adorable.

In rural Geneseo, New York, Brittany Callan breeds Dobermans with her family. Ruby’s new litter of six puppies was born on August 18, and she has 14 Dobermans in total. However, their little posse was about to grow.

A strained meowing sound came from behind the garage one day in late August as Callan helped her aunt clean out the gutters. Callan tells Daily Paws that he had to check it out as an animal lover. A helpless kitty was waiting for him.

The cat’s mother was expected to return for the kitten, but Callan and her cousin took the kitten inside after hearing coyotes. In honor of her recently deceased father, Gibbs named the kitten Ramblin’ Rose.

Callan estimated that Ramblin’ Rose was only a few days old based on her size and that she still had part of the umbilical cord attached. As Ruby nursed her own puppies who hadn’t even opened their eyes, she was nursing her newborns who needed milk. She decided to introduce them.

After an accessible introduction, Callan placed Ruby’s most petite nipple on the kitten’s mouth. “She seemed to take to her right away,” Callan says. Despite being quite obedient, the dog developed a strong attachment to her “adopted” child.

They have developed a truly adorable relationship. ‘Ramming Rose’ is carried around the house in Ruby’s mouth by Callan. It isn’t uncommon for Ruby to scoop out the shy kitty from the pen and lay with her on the couch since the puppies are larger and rowdier.

As a puppy, Ruby became friendly with everything, taught to lick small animals and to be nice to everything,” Callan says. “She is such a loving, giving dog.”


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