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Dog Felt So Lonely That He Literally Escaped His Yard To Get Hug From Best Friend – This Is So Cute!

If there’s anything that’s true about all creatures on this planet, it’s that sometimes we all get a little bit lonely. Like this dog, Messy, who is an adorable Yellow Lab and a great friend to another dog named Audi! These too are so cute they will melt your heart!

Whenever Audi, the cute husky in this video, gets lonely and cries, Messy is always there to go up to him and give him a hug. But one day Audi got so lonely that he couldn’t wait for Messy to come to him, so he escaped and went over to Messy just so he could give him a hug and thank him for being an awesome friend.

The owners of these two dogs realized they loved each other and are now even making arrangements so these two could spend more time together, because after all, they are clearly best friends! Watch the entire story below!


Dogs are just amazing aren’t they?! The truly know when other dogs (and people too) are feeling lonely and need some love and attention. That’s just one of the millions of reasons we love dogs!


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