Mom And Son Save Animals From Horrible Hoarding Situation – This Pup Shows How Grateful He Is

A man named Alex Perez had been driving around with his Mom when they found a stray Pitbull running in the middle of the road. It appeared to have been injured, so Alex and his Mom went to go take a look at him. They of course took the dog home with them and shortly after the dog began to recover and now lives a great life with Alex. 

Alex, now 16, decided to help out in another rescue. He and his Mom along with some volunteers decided they would go save a bunch of animals who were being hoarded at a property in Canton, North Carolina. They went to check the situation out and all of the animals were in serious need to help. Many of them had been spending most of their lives in shelters. 

Well, at the temporary shelter, a dog named Trouble caught Alex’s attention. Alex went to go meet Trouble for the first time and as he approached Trouble’s cage, the dog literally fell into Alex’s arms, as if he was saying “please don’t ever let me go!” 

So Alex kept on holding Trouble and they even spent some time playing together. It was clear that Trouble was one grateful pup for Alex having saved his life! Watch the entire rescue story below!


That was such a sweet story! Thank you to Alex and his Mom for saving all of these dogs like this!


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