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Squirrel That Suffers From A Limp Won’t Let Couple Go Home Without Him

A couple went out for a regular walk one day. To them, it was just a casual stroll like any other, but to a local animal, it was a chance at having a home and friendship like he had never experienced. The squirrel approached the couple on their walk. He had no fear and allowed them to get really close.

After greeting the squirrel and sharing a moment together, the couple went on their way. But the squirrel kept following them and didn’t want this to be goodbye. Reluctantly, the couple brought the squirrel home with them and embarked on a wild journey.

Watch the video to see what it’s like to have a pet squirrel.

While they knew nothing about how to care for a squirrel, the couple met the challenge and welcomed the animal they named Peanut.


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