Dog With Long Snout Is An Expert Pickpocket Thanks To Unique Facial Features

Borzoi dog breeds have longer snouts than your average dog. Tupelo is a dog who has learned how to use that longer snout to his full advantage. When you’re near Tupelo, you better watch your belongings closely, because they likely aren’t safe. This dog is an expert pickpocketer like you’ve probably never seen from a dog.

The dog uses his unique skillset to get the toys and treats he wants, when he wants them. From a young age, Tupelo has been pickpocketing treats and toys from a young age. And without that super long snout, it probably wouldn’t be possible.

What a unique skillset Tupelo has! I mean, look at that snout! You better watch your pockets around this cute pup!

Tupelo’s probably not an easy to dog to own, but he’s still super cute and probably a super fun dog to be around!


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