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This Dog Was Considered Too Aggressive For Adoption, But Then A Kind Woman Gives Her A Second Chance

This little Chihuahua named Lola was said to be “too aggressive” so the staff at the shelter decided to keep her in two cages so she couldn’t escape. Then a woman by the name of Nicole Grice had heard about Lola and how mean and aggressive she was, but she decided she wanted to meet her anyway. 

Although the staff had warned her about Lola’s erratic and aggressive behavior, Nicole took her home anyway and made her home Lola’s new forever home. Nicole was giving Lola her second chance at a new home!

Amazingly, when Lola got to Nicole’s home, her behavior instantly changed. She wasn’t aggressive with Nicole at all. They even took Lola to the vet for the first time and she literally fell asleep in the doctor’s arms. It seemed that this once aggressive dog was in fact no longer aggressive. Then they introduced Lola to her new brother, a chihuahua named Chip who had also been rescued from a shelter, and they immediately hit it off and got along. 

We’re not sure how aggressive Lola was before Nicole adopted her, but based on what they were saying, Lola was one aggressive pup. But when she got to her new home, her aggression went away. So, perhaps it was likely just being in a shelter environment that caused her to be aggressive. That’s something people need to keep in mind when looking for a new dog at the shelter. Just because they may be aggressive at the shelter doesn’t always mean they’ll be aggressive when you take them home. 

Lola was recently diagnosed with hemolytic anemia, but it is currently in remission and now she’s back to living a happy healthy life in her loving home. In the meantime, we’re just happy to see that Lola was given a second chance and finally made it to her forever home! Watch Lola’s entire story below:


What an amazing story that was! Lola finally found her forever home and it’s all because a kind woman decided to meet her anyway after knowing she was an aggressive and mean dog!


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