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Dog Walks 4 Blocks Every Day To Go Visit His New Best Friend – This Is One Adorable Friendship!

A boy named Tommy had moved into a new home in a new neighborhood and was missing all of his old friends. Then one day a super cute shaggy dog arrived at his house out of nowhere. The strange dog just showed up at the house and since he was a friendly dog, Tommy decided he would give the pup a tour of the house. They’ve been friends ever since!

They looked at the dog’s collar and realized his name was Jackson and that he lived right down the street from their home. Of course, when the owner’s of the dog found out that Jackson had walked into someone else’s house, they were surely embarrassed, but they also weren’t shocked at all since Jackson is such a friendly little pup. 

Well, that surely wasn’t the only time Jackson would ever go visit Tommy. In fact, Jackson goes and visits Tommy every day to say hello and it’s the sweetest thing ever! Jackson literally walks four blocks from his home to go visit Tommy and even lets himself into the house whenever the garage door is open, and if the garage isn’t open, Jackson just barks until Tommy lets him in. 

Tommy and Jackson sure have a great friendship. What a nice dog Jackson is to welcome Tommy into the neighborhood when he first moved in! Watch the adorable story below!


It’s been a few years since these two first met, but Jackson and Tommy have such a sweet friendship. You can clearly tell they are the best of friends!


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