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Heartbroken Dog Visits His Owner’s Grave Every Day – Their Bond Was Truly So Special And Rare

It is very much true that dogs are a person’s best friend. This poor little dog in Turkey named Cesur lost his owner, who was also his best friend, and misses him so much that that he visits his grave every day. 

When it was time for the dog’s owner’s funeral, Cesur even lead a procession in which they carried the coffin to a local mosque. For the next five days after the funeral, Cesur was still going to his owner’s grave to visit him. Amazingly, Cesur would actually go to his owner’s grave on his own. His owner’s son realized he was doing this one day when he decided to follow Cesur and see where he was going every morning. 

Cesur is such a loyal dog who truly had a deep connection with his owner. It’s a heartbreaking story, but thankfully his owner’s brother adopted him and will take care of him for the rest of his life too. Watch the story below!

Cesur, you are such a loyal and loving dog. This story just broke my heart, but it makes us happy that he is at least living with his owner’s brother and being taken care of by the same family!


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