Puppy Abandoned On Busy Road, Nearly Hit By Passing Cars – Then Some Kind People Came To His Rescue

This little puppy was walking on the side of the road, lost and in desperate need of help. He was only a few feet away from the busy road where cars were just passing by, and the people who saw him knew that he was scared and at any moment could run away from them and possibly get hit by a car. 

They waited until the dog felt comfortable being around them before they approached him, and one hour later, he opened up to them and allowed the people to touch him. They picked up the dog and put him in their car and quickly noticed that he was covered in ticks and fleas, so they took him to the vet where he could get the help he needed. 

At the clinic, they noticed that the puppy had mange, so they gave him the medication he needed and gave him a nice bath to get rid of the fleas and ticks. Soon, the puppy’s shape started getting better and better. He started looking happier and even allowed people to give him love and care. He even started becoming more playful and started playing with other dogs. He was soon was ready to find his forever home!

This is such an amazing rescue story. We’re so happy they found the puppy and rescued him before it was too late! Watch the entire story below!

This is one lucky dog to have been found by such caring people. We’re just so happy to see this dog transform into a happy dog like this!


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