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Terrified Dog Dumped At Parking Lot In Freezing Rain, Too Scared To Even Move Or Flinch

This poor little puppy was abandoned by his owner in a parking lot in North Carolina and was so cold that she could barely even move. Her owner just left her there for hours while it was raining and freezing cold, and the dog literally stayed in the same spot just waiting for her owner to come back, but she never did. 

A woman named Valinda, who was still in her pajamas and flip flops that morning, saw the terrified dog and quickly draped a blanket over her to keep her warm. But the dog was just so scared and cold that she didn’t even flinch or move when the woman tried to help her. So the woman decided she wasn’t going to move either and that she’d just stay with the dog until the dog started trusting her.

Soon the dog started to trust her and allowed Valinda to rescue her, but it certainly took some time and effort to get this poor little scared dog to open up to her. Thankfully she finally did. 

I will never understand for the life of me why people can be so cruel to animals and just dump them whenever and wherever they please. Thankfully there are kind people in this world like Valinda who have the heart to save dogs like this. Watch the entire heartbreaking story below!

That poor puppy was just so scared and lonely. She was literally sitting there in the freezing rain waiting for her owner to come back, but little did she know that her owner was never going to come back. Luckily this kind woman came to save her that day. 


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