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Abandoned Dog On Side Of Road, Severely Dehydrated – Then She Realizes She’s About To Be Rescued

A woman named Tania was driving around in Costa Rica when she saw a little stray dog on the side of the road, desperate and severely dehydrated. The dog’s name is Gaia and she’s truly lucky to be alive.

Tania immediately jumped out of her car to check on Gaia and when Gaia noticed her, she immediately fell to the ground and started crying. Gaia was in such poor shape, covered in fleas and ticks and very dehydrated. 

Tania gave her some food and water, but Gaia could barely keep herself up. However, with a little bit of care, Gaia transformed pretty quickly and started getting more and more energy. Then Tania decided she would work to try and find Gaia a new loving home. Soon, someone noticed Gaia and fell in love with her. Amazingly, Gaia found her new home with her new owners in Puerto Jimenez. 

Gaia’s new owner is a lovely lady from France who has a beautiful cool home, and Gaia is now a happy dog. She even learned how to give high fives! Watch Gaia’s entire rescue story below!


Oh my goodness that was both heartbreaking and heartwarming. When Gaia saw the woman coming towards her, it’s like she immediately knew she was being rescued!


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